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NB For those with Shopping Cards , Gift Cards and promotional codes in general :

before check-out, select "Orders with a promotional code of € 30" or "Orders with a promotional code of € 60" or "Orders with a promotional code of € 80 and above" to avoid paying unnecessary shipping costs.

(we remind you that if the total of the products does not exceed € 39 the shipping costs are € 7.90, if it does not exceed € 79 the costs are € 4.90 (from € 79 upwards, they are free).

For Cashback World customers : enter your ID code or phone number in the note space so that we can recognize the benefits.

By adding a note above, or by SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp, let us know the shipping address and a telephone number for the courier, in order to speed up the arrival of the products at your home.

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